Vanishing Act: Part One
Season 01, Episode 06
Vanishing Act- Part One
Air Date 10 December 1993
Previous The 13 Million Dollar Man
Next Vanishing Act: Part Two

Vanishing Act: Part One is the sixth episode of the first season which broadcast on 10 December 1993.

Summary Edit

When Detective Steve Sloan reports to Internal Affairs agent Lloyd Schroeder his well-founded suspicions against LAPD 15th precinct colleagues Detectives Bob Cole, Eugene Vickers, Jim Michaels and Rick Hughes to be in cahoots with the fence who handled several burglaries they actually committed themselves, Schroeder checks out their excessive expenses and sets up his own pension plan: an equal share for his silence. Next someone from the criminal quartet sets up Steve for Schroeder's murder and plants stolen money in his locker, so he's suspended although his boss Lt. Ed Greenwood believes in his innocence.

The Sloanes and Dr. Jack Stewart, whose mob expertise comes in handy as they find a link to 'family man' Tommy Rafonte, are determined to save the most honest cop in California, digging up the four traitors' past, personal motives to kill Schroeder and whereabouts. Meanwhile Dolores organizes nursing staff resistance against economies Norman Briggs has to carry out to prevent whole hospital activities being shut down by the board, Mark tries to mediate...

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