The Pressure of Murder
Season 03, Episode 09
Air Date February 9, 1996
Previous Misdiagnosis Murder
Next Living on the Streets Can Be Murder

The Pressure of Murder is the ninth episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on February 9, 1996.

Plor Edit

Amanda's cousin falls to his death when his motorcycle suddenly veers off the road.

Amanda leads the investigation when it's discovered her cousin was drugged immediately before the accident.

Summary Edit

After watching him play rugby, Amanda sees intern Troy Sommers crash to his death with his motorbike from a cliff after a few head-nods- it was hypoglycemic shock from a dozens Triptezine tablets in his healthy sports drink. Norman and hospital staff in general worry because Community General has a computer virus. A painful rugby undercover teaches Jesse that Troy had eager rivals among interns, not just in rugby and for a girl but for a really hard to get heart surgery resident-ship at St. Victor's hospital, including ball-bully Billy Marco: its famous chief Dr. Nathan Harding's academically less gifted son Kyle, Troy's roommate, whom Jesse catches at a potentially fatal medical error; his dad won't even listen to Mark about it. A note 'ABADCAD' in Kyle and Troy's room is solved by Mark to unmask a surprising motive with a dangerous complication.