The Murder of Mark Sloan
Season 04, Episode 26
Air Date May 8, 1997
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The Murder of Mark Sloan is the twenty sixth and last episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on May 8, 1997.

Plot Edit

Dr. Sloan is stalked by a mad bomber whom he helped incarcerate. Norman and Mark are the main dissenters in negotiations to sell the hospital to a corporate raider.

Summary Edit

The Sloans fear for Mark's life after the escape of Sam Rosser, who vowed revenge since Mark got him convicted for a brutal postal bombing murder. Norman also has a fight to the death against a hospital take-over by Vaughn Medical Services, which appeals to most of the board but would be detrimental to patient care. Mark gets one day delay to receive a frightening report about a San Diego hospital Vaughn took over. Kurt Vaughn hisses he won't be stopped. Med student Dr. Brian Haywood asked Jessie to intercede with Mark about his residency, but screws up once too often by resuscitating a DNR-patient without reading her chart. Brian refuses Jesse's help to get off amphetamines. Mark is too late to get to Norman who accepted a package delivered for Mark by Rosser. Norman barely survives the explosion. Sam tries again at the parking lot where construction is underway and Amanda is hurt saving Mark from scaffolding falling as a result of the explosion. Finally a makeshift bomb blows up Mark's car, apparently killing him. Kurt Vaughn gets a positive hospital sale vote, even before Norman is back, challenged in vain by Amanda, and then announces the hospital has already been resold with an additional $2,000,000 profit to be shared by stockholders. Steve is part of Rosser's arrest but Rosser proves he had no part in the car bomb since he was videotaped committing a bank robbery at that time. Then a routine autopsy provides another suspect, who is in for a surprise...