The Last Laugh (2)
Season 02, Episode 10
Air Date November 18, 1994
Previous The Last Laugh (Part 1)
Next Death By Extermination

The Last Laugh (2) is the tenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on November 18, 1994.


After a court exonerates Bonnie Valin for her husband's murder, Mark learns that her alibi is fabricated. Mark strives to get her convicted without incurring double jeopardy. Meanwhile, Jack helps Amanda recover her swindled fortune.

Summary Edit

Bonnie Valin confesses to Mark she arranged for him to get her off for the greedy laughing gas murder on her husband plastic surgeon Elliot, trusting the double jeopardy rule renders her immune to prosecution. Steve is nearly demoted, and forced to prosecute the innocent son and true heir, Roger Valin. Meanwhile Jack is determined to get Amanda's embezzled trust fund back by posing as the seller and later buyer of the missing can of Campbell soup painting, for which he knows a perfect forger. Mark scares Bonnie, sees the life insurance refuses to pay and Roger contests probate which should take years and scares her hunky boyfriend and accomplice Dave McDonnell with a perjury prosecution- the answer is an attempt on Mark's own life, after which he believes missing Dave is murdered by Bonnie with rat poison.