The Last Laugh (1)
Season 02, Episode 09
Air Date November 11, 1994
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The Last Laugh (1) is the ninth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on November 11, 1994.

Plot Edit

A renowned plastic surgeon made enemies through his philandering. He is murdered by injecting laughing gas into his office, and Mark's testimony makes his wife the prime suspect. Mark has second thoughts, and investigates her story further.

Summary Edit

Norman insists Mark should ask rich plastic surgeon colleague Dr. Elliott Valin, when he's named "Doctor of the Year" at a medical convention, to bring some 'high profile clientele' to Community General, a suggestion Valin rudely dismisses. When Valin dies from an overdose of laughing gas, Mark investigates. Valin's son Roger Valin found out his father was also fooling around with his girlfriend and needed money to prevent his holistic medicine practice from going belly up. Yet the victim's much younger widow Bonnie, who has a hunky lover is accused, convinces Mark to find proof of her innocence which gets her declared innocent, most embarrassing for Steve, before Mark realizes she set them up with her hunky boyfriend Dave McDonnell perjured testimony.