The 13 Million Dollar Man
Season 01, Episode 05
13 Million Dollar Man
Air Date 3 December 1993
Previous Inheritance of Death
Next Vanishing Act: Part One

The 13 Million Dollar Man is the fifth episode of Diagnosis murder's first season, broadcast on 3 December 1993.

Summary Edit

Longtime patient and friend Dale Harlan stumbles into ER and tells Mark to get something from his left shoe- it's a lottery ticket he gives Mark 'to do some good with it' before he dies from his shot-wound. Amanda finds out it won $13,000,000 but fails to keep it a secret. Hospital administrator Norman Briggs, who just gave Mark hell for using surgical gloves to relax child patients, desperately needs $6,200,000 for a new hospital wing he promised to name after Mr. Wainwright, the chairman of the board.

The LAPD charges Jimmy Stevens with the murder, being found with Harlan's wallet and the murder weapon, but Jack knows the teenager as a harmless small thief, so he and Mark believe his claim to have found Harlan, and soon drawn in suspects. At Harlan's funeral, Dale's widow Monica and his gambling mentor Dr. Larry Wright -a dentist, Amanda infiltrates as his temporary secretary- both claim the lottery ticket to settle debts and promises, but Mark stands firm on the deceased's charity dying wish. Crime boss Alex Ridlin claims $496,000 to settle Harlan's mundane debts, Jack infiltrates his nightclub as croupier. While his office is swamped in weird gifts and requests, mainly cons, Mark resists son Steve's suggestion to keep a bit and preferably by a boat, ties the knots and comes up with a plan, taking part in Ridlin's big poker night...

Trivia Edit

  • The 13 million Dollar Man is a play on the Six million dollar man.