Standing Eight Count
Season 02, Episode 12
Air Date December 9, 1994
Previous Death By Extermination
Next The Bela Lugosi Blues

Standing Eight Count is the twelfth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on December 9, 1994.

Plot Edit

Boxer Tommy Bracket is found dead after knocking out champion Mercury Jones and refusing a rematch. Evidence points to Mercury as the killer, but Mark finds that his wife, a corrupt promoter, and a bankrupt gym owner also have motives.

Summary Edit

Jack's boxing hero Mercury 'The Heat' Jones is held in observation at Community General with serious injuries, after a KO title loss instead of the 50th victory he'd hoped to retire after - his wife Brianna wants him to stop anyway. Worse, his adversary Tommy Brackett is diagnosed with an irregular heart beat, (no more fighting ever), so he refuses a furious Jones a rematch. Brackett is found dead - smothered the next morning next to Mercury's hospital ID bracelet. Jack learns from neighborhood friend Marco (who lost big betting on the fight) and joins as "Animal" - (an unwilling sparring partner at Tommy's ex-trainer Butch Reilly's gym) to search Brackett's locker and office, confirming it was already deep in debt and facing bankruptcy, as Steve already knew, but also a check indicating promoter Wayne Topping bought the fight. Then a witness turns up who saw Brianna entering Tommy's room, and a rented doctor's jacket. Yet the hospital sleuths still have to find another suspect.