Slam-Dunk Dead
Season 05, Episode 05
Air Date October 16, 1997
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Slam-Dunk Dead is the fifth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fifth season which was broadcast on October 16, 1997.

Plot Edit

Jesse's new part-time job as trainer of the pro basketball Mustangs turns deadly when he's accused of murdering a star player.


Jesse proudly serves as the LA Mustangs basketball team doctor during filming for a commercial, but starts worrying when the vials from a routine drug test he took are smashed in his new car. It's time to panic when the star player dies from the binary poison formed by the combination of anti-allergen (Jesse prescribed) and the antibiotic - the star's chart didn't mention when he quickly read it, but now does. The sleuths find out it was mixed in with his sponsor's pills, while the star had an endorsement rival with a drug problem. Mark also looks into the team staff's personal interests, from manager David Clarke to towel boy Dwayne. Only during Jesse's hospital board -likely to fire him- he pieces the puzzle together.