Retribution (2)
Season 05, Episode 14
Air Date January 15, 1998
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Retribution (2) is the fourteenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fifth season which was broadcast on January 15, 1998.

Plot Edit

This episode takes place four months after Mark was convicted of murder. Steve is slowly recovering from his wounds and Mark is still rotting in prison. While Mark endures the taunts of fellow death row inmate Malcolm Trainor, Steve and Tanis Archer launch a rogue investigation to find Ganza's real killers.


Mark, framed for the murders of mob king Ganza and a police informer from his entourage, is on death-row next to Malcolm Trainor, who masterminded to get his death sentence reverted now Mark, whose testimony decided it, is utterly discredited. Steve -and his partner- must find the real murderer fast; their best bet is Ganza's mob heir Ross Canin, whom he finds threatening his accountant, Malcolm's brother, but chief Masters orders them to stop investigating him, as it turns out with good reason, but maybe the key is where Ganza's missing fortune went?