Retribution (1)
Season 05, Episode 13
Air Date January 8, 1998
Previous Down and Dirty Dead
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Retribution (1) is the thirteenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fifth season which was broadcast on January 8, 1998.



  • Dick Van Dyke as Mark Sloan
  • Victoria Rowell as Amanda Bentley
  • Charlie Schlatter as Jesse Travis
  • Barry Van Dyke as Steve Sloan
  • Susan Gibney as Tanis Archer
  • Fred Dryer as Police Chief Masters
  • Dennis Lipscomb as Malcolm Trainor
  • Neal McDonough as Ross Canin
  • Jack Carter as Gordon Ganza
  • June Cleman as Judge Bartlett
  • Connie Blankenship as A.D.A. Sharon Ellison
  • Allison Dunbar as Spring Dano
  • Bruno Alexander as Eddie Tampa
  • John Mansfield as Carl Blumenstein
  • Bob Thompson as Judge Yale
  • Ludo Vika as Carmen Martinez
  • Susan Nyby as Jury Foreperson
  • Robert Blue as Detective
  • Mike Stewart as Director