Promises to Keep
Season 05, Episode 22
Air Date April 23, 1998
Previous First Do No Harm
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Promises to Keep is the 22nd episode of Diagnosis Murder's fifth season which was broadcast on April 23, 1998. The episode is a crossover from the episode Total Security of the TV show Promised Land.

Plot Edit

Dr. Sloan, et al, are peripheral characters in this, the disappointing second half of a two parter. In the first hour, airing on Promised Land the Matthews family is reunited after years apart. Here, Ryan and Tess Matthews come to LA to help Kate when she's in trouble with a con man.


When Steve has a murder victim identified, Ryan Matthews is relieved it's 'only' the room mate of his ex-wife Kate; however they find fingerprints of criminal mastermind Gavin Cutler, whom she worked for, but escaped justice probably by Ryan abusing his position as cop, after which he left the force. Mark decides to invite him to his home being worried about his daughter Tess. When Ryan and Tess discover that mother Kate is alive, she insists someone has already stolen the fortune their latest investment scam brought, but Cutler threatens all three with their lives unless he gets it back, so Ryan decides to scam it off of Community General, to the tune of a years acquisitions budget, posing as a new firm offering cutting-edge surgery equipment of a type he learned at Mark's - a dangerous choice of victim, as he and Jesse are on the committee.