Playing for Keeps
Season 02, Episode 17
Air Date February 10, 1995
Previous A Blast From the Past
Next Sea No Evil

Playing for Keeps is the seventeenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on February 10, 1995.

Plot Edit

Community General agrees to perform physicals for a women's volleyball team. Star player Rita Jansen is murdered, it is presumed, by a deranged stalker. Meanwhile, team blood samples are tampered with, and the whole team is under suspicion.

Summary Edit

Norman takes pride in a Community General sponsorship contract with his second cousin's women's volleyball team, the Malibu Rockets. Alas the players do more fighting then teaming, and allegedly an unidentified deranged man is attacking star player Rita Jansen, not a first. The sponsorship includes free physicals, which Norman insist to be done by unwilling 'mature' Mark, not 'young horny' volunteer Jack. Rita is murdered just after a player tampered with the team's blood sample labels, which is found out; Jack will take new ones, chaperoned by Amanda, but finds sparring as painful as taking a beating. Steve goes in undercover as trainer-masseur. Soon potential motives abound, alibis lack, but a jock suit wearer knocks over Amanda and gets away. Meanwhile Jack distrusts Amanda's boy-friend and a rare case of genetic immunity is discovered...