Physician, Murder Thyself
Season 04, Episode 22
Air Date April 24, 1997
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Physician, Murder Thyself is the twenty seconds episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on April 24, 1997.

Plot Edit

Dr. Sloan investigates when an unpopular colleague drops dead while performing an operation. Mark investigates his fellow doctors when tests reveal the deceased was poisoned.

Summary Edit

When top surgeon Dr. Ken Morrisay, who doesn't bother, is the victim of similar morbid 'pranks' as in Boston while in Community General to operate his former teacher Dr. Jeff Everden, assisted by rival ex-pupil Dr. Clayton Andrews (a source of pride for Norman), Boston anesthesiologist Dr. Les Franklin, Dr. Sally Crawfield, Mark and Jesse, who gets hit by blood aimed from a riding car at Morrissay, Steve investigates. During the operation, Morrisay gets a fatal heart attack, Andrews saves Everden by stepping in. The car is traced to animal rights activist Claire McKenna. Then Mark notices Morrissay's death was cleverly triggered by toxic levels of organic phosphates, which kicks in too fast to be administered before the operation. Dr. Sally Crawfield turns out to be a closet Animal Crusade member, and has a history with Morrisay, who used lab test animals. Andrews is to get a top post now Morrissay is out of the way, while Franklin's pathologically philandering but filthy rich wife Nancy had an affair with Morrissay, but he spills more dirt on Crawfield. Mark works out how the poison was used and plans a trap...