Open and Shut
Season 05, Episode 02
Air Date September 25, 1997
Previous Murder Blues
Next Malibu Fire

Open and Shut is the second episode of Diagnosis Murder's fifth season which was broadcast on September 25, 1997.

Plot Edit

Mark investigates when her older lover, a new state Supreme Court Justice, murders a teenage girl.


When David McReynolds realizes that Allison Porter wants to go public with their illicit love affair, he strangles her in the bath on her 18th birthday, just before his father Peter McReynolds proudly swears him in as fellow Justice on the California Supreme Court. New assistant medical examiner Amanda confirms the lack of bruises suggests no struggle: Allison knew her killer. Mark finds her stolen jewelry on an OD'd junkie named Otis, but believes he didn't kill her and soon catches David in a lie. The Sloans discover his under-age affair and that Allison's parents had also found out about it from her diary. Steven finds David murdered at his dinner table, with Allison's mother's gun, but she admits having been David's lover herself and claims she was unable to shoot him. David's medicine for a pancreatic disorder opens another trail, but without proof, yet Mark finds another way...