My Four Husbands
Season 02, Episode 05
Air Date October 14, 1994
Previous The Busy Body
Next Murder Most Vial

My Four Husbands is the fifth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on October 14, 1994.

Plot Edit

Sexy TV star Pamela Dorn sneaks out of the hospital to confront her latest ex-husband, but she finds him murdered. A female reporter gets video of Pamela at the scene of the murder, but Mark believes another ex-husband is the culprit.

Summary Edit

Pamela Dorn, the 'Queen of the Jungle' TV series star who desperately wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps as movie star, is in Community General for a nip and tuck, with an undercover TV reporter pretending to need an appendectomy bugging her as a career move, when one of Pam's four ex-husbands, who had casting approval of the one movie she hoped to make her career but accepted Julia Roberts instead, is murdered. The condo manager and another ex saw Pam there, yet Mark, who knew her as a little girl, insists she's being framed by one of her surviving ex husbands. Despite a guilt trip on Jack -who hates Pam after she made him get her ice-cream after midnight- and even extremely amateur help from Norman and Delores, they only turn up more incriminating evidence against Pam, Steve had alibi's for all ex's, but Mark persists one alibi must be fake, and comes up with an ingeniously complex murder plot...