My Baby is Out of this World
Season 02, Episode 22
Air Date May 5, 1995
Previous Death in the Daytime
Next An Innocent Murder

My Baby is Out of this World is the twenty second and last episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on May 5, 1995.

Plot Edit

The death of a popular musician raises suspicious questions. The musicians' pregnant wife, who claims to be carrying an alien's child, complicates matters.

Summary Edit

Psychiatrist Max Frye asks Mark's help convincing his patient, Tara Sampson, that she isn't pregnant from an 'overwhelming alien', if at all. Her husband, rock star Noble Samson, is both unfaithful and abusive, his latest conquest being his band guitarist Willy's gullible wife. During a concert attended by Mark's gang, Noble collapses while entering on stage, with a fatal kitchen-knife is his back. Groupie Christie Rowan was seen leaving Noble's dressing-room. Steve is convinced the case is simple as the Sampsons's maid Anita Henry heard Tara threaten to kill Noble for telling her not to keep the baby, she claims an alien did it to protect the human baby but passes the polygraph test. Jack learns about Willy's wife, Christie being his lover and he's the new band leader. Dr. Freye tells Mark that Tara found Noble 'did' their maid Anita, who turns out to be his main heir by testament. Steve follows Tara to the home of young minor band musician Johnny 'M' Meslofski, whom she kisses like a lover; he had a grudge against Noble for scoring big with some of his songs and makes a phony confession which Tara undoes as he ignores the backstage passes color that night. Frye has Tara declared incompetent to be committed to a sanatorium.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last appearance of Dr. Jack Stewart played by Scott Baio.