Must Kill TV
Season 05, Episode 09
Air Date November 6, 1997
Previous Fatal Impact (2)
Next Discards

Must Kill TV is the ninth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fifth season which was broadcast on November 6, 1997.



  • Dick Van Dyke as Mark Sloan
  • Victoria Rowell as Amanda Bentley
  • Charlie Schlatter as Jesse Travis
  • Barry Van Dyke as Steve Sloan
  • Jaleel White as Himself
  • John Aniston as Carlton Everest
  • Erik Estrada as Himself
  • Peter Graves as Himself
  • Jane Seymour as Herself
  • Fred Willard as Harry Fellows
  • Stephen J. Cannell as Jackson Burley
  • Reginald VelJohnson as Himself
  • Doug E. Doug as Himself
  • Tom Gallop as Phil Zarkin
  • Michele Greene as Rachel Woodrall
  • Molly Hagan as Paige Jennings
  • Brenda Varda as Karen
  • Dr. Joyce Brothers as Herself
  • Sam Rubin as TV Host
  • Timothy McNeil as Ernie Cooley
  • Jennifer Fairbanks as Jennifer
  • Andre Khabbazi as T.J. Mann
  • Nicole Nieth as Cindy
  • Sloan Devine as Woman

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