Murder on the Run (2)
Season 03, Episode 06
Air Date January 12, 1996
Previous Murder on the Run (Part 1)
Next Love is Murder

Murder on the Run (2) is the sixth episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on January 12, 1996.

Plot Edit

Dr. Sloan shields George Karn from both Steve and Lt. Delaney while investigating his wife's murder.

Summary Edit

Steve rescues Mark and tells Delaney that George Karn jumped out miles back, then shows Jessie the car he hid the runaway in and brings him home to the beach house, practically under Steve's nose, but he has to sneak him incognito back into the hospital and later to Jesse's flat. Now the sleuths examine George's theory his wife Margie was possibly murdered because of her lawsuit against the nasty dealings of video producer King Bridger. Jessie joins to investigate the murder scene gym club, where Bridger enlisted Wendy Sawyer to make an alternative video to Margie's. Lt. Mike Delaney threatens Mark if he finds him helping the fugitive. Amanda pretends to be a client to test Bridger's lawyer. Mark sees the club's new owner, checks out the roof, finds himself a target, and is arrested after Delaney found Karn's bloody shirt in his trash, but he makes bail and soon unties the twisted knots after a last chore for eager Jessie and another crime put him on more tracks.