Murder on the Run (1)
Season 03, Episode 05
Air Date January 5, 1996
Previous Murder in the Courthouse
Next Murder on the Run (Part 2)

Murder on the Run (1) is the fifth episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on January 5, 1996.

Plot Edit

A man wrongfully convicted of murder takes Dr. Sloan hostage. Dr. Sloan hears his story and works to prove the man's innocence. Jesse works feverishly to rescue Mark.

Summary Edit

George Edward Karn is arrested, having been seen looking over the banister of the 10 story gym roof his wife Margie (they'd been separated, but not considering divorce at the time of her death) was pushed off by a masked man. He's wrongly convicted, and sentenced to 30 years in maximum security. During a bad car accident on the way to prison, George is brought to the Community General ER, and manages to steal a gun, escaping with Mark as his hostage. George is in bad shape, cracked ribs and possible internal bleeding. Jessie tails them in his VW, and ends up doing more harm than good. Angry police lieutenant Mike Delaney, who originally arrested Karn, argues with (worried son) Steve on his manhunt detail. Mark comes to believe George is only (desperately) trying to prove his innocence, and decides to help find the real killer. They both suspect video producer King Bridger, and search Margie's journal for clues, then escape on a bus, then a train, but when the police finally catches up with them in the train yard.