Murder in the Dark
Season 03, Episode 12
Air Date March 8, 1996
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Murder in the Dark is the twelfth episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on March 8, 1996.

Plot Edit

A visiting surgeon must deal with his alcoholism after a fellow doctor is murdered during one of his blackouts.

Summary Edit

Dr. Claire Hartman is extremely hostile towards a friend of Mark's, specialist Dr. John Foster, whom her rich patient Baker had flown over to personally perform the abdominal aortic surgery he invented. Alas Mark finds John's bad divorce got him drinking excessively, compromising his surgical reliability, so Claire throws him out of the OR, he threatens her in vain, witnessed by other residents. She's found murdered the next morning, Steve arrests John who claims innocence and a black-out. His lawyer Richard Baylor makes John sign up for the Community General's substance abuse program as only alternative to jail, Mark promises to find out the truth; John commits a failed suicide attempt. Her building manager Mr. Nolan tells Mark and Jesse what a one-night-stand man-eater Claire was; her pick-up bar leads Jesse to her wife-beating conquest Eddie Romero, who is apparently involved with a crime gang, but Mark wonders about a dead-bolt...