Murder by the Busload
Season 04, Episode 09
Air Date November 7, 1996
Previous An Explosive Murder
Next A Candidate for Murder

Murder by the Busload is the ninth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on November 7, 1996.

Plot Edit

A bus accident brings multiple victims into the hospital. Amanda does the bulk of the investigating when its discovered that a casualty in the accident was actually murdered.

Summary Edit

Steve had bought expensive Laker floor tickets for him and dad Mark that evening, but a traffic accident swamps Community General with a bus-load of ER patients. Patient Melora Jackson promises to pull strings to get the Sloans two new tickets from the coach. Mark notices fatal passenger Fred Talisker, an insurance adjuster, has an atypical head wound; autopsy shows it was inflicted shortly before the crash -which was an accident- and fatal: murder, the killer must be among the patients, so Steve is pulled from the Lakers game to avoid anyone catching on while they are kept in observation and screened, even the two paramedics who brought them in, by the sleuths, who soon discover Fred was a serial rapist. Then another passenger-patient is murdered...