Murder by Friendly Fire
Season 04, Episode 01
Air Date September 19, 1996
Previous Left-Handed Murder
Next Murder Can Be Contagious

cMurder by Friendly Fire is the first episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on September 19, 1996.

Plot Edit

One police officer is accidentally shot by another during a raid gone wrong. Dr. Sloan investigates the victim's wife, the shooter, and a conniving lawyer when he suspects foul play.

Summary Edit

During a SWAT bust, Steve's LAPD friend Douglas Quinten 'Doug' Vogel gets killed by a bullet from his own commander, Max Jupe, who is two years from retirement. City Attorney Andrew Chivers forbids Max any contact with the widow Janine, who quickly accepts the 20% profit-sharing legal services of slick attorney Daniel Brent. Actually. Max and Janine were secret lovers who planned Doug's death. Mark quickly catches on when Max is diagnosed with chickenpox, a recent problem in Janine's daycare center, although the lovers claim not to have met in three months. A 'shooting demonstration' by cocky Max proves that he doesn't need glasses and he is a superb marksman. Janine takes another lover-her lawyer Brent, who is suing Max and the city for $10 million. Brent accidentally finds out about her murderous deal with Max, which starts a new round of greed and deceit.