Murder Two (2)
Season 04, Episode 16
Air Date February 6, 1997
Previous Murder Two (Part 1)
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Murder Two (2) is the sixteenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on February 6, 1997.

Plot Edit

Amanda and Ben investigate the murder of Eric Spindler while Jesse continues to languish in jail.

Summary Edit

While poor innocent Jessie still shivers in jail, Ben and Mark sleuth on. They assume Debbie's now arrested husband Jack Gardner, who is on the stolen Paula McCarthy arrest video in his truck, can link both murders. Barry McCarthy tells them in jail his murdered wife flirted habitually, the fatal night with Nick Cravits, Barry has a drunk black-out how bad it got that night with Spindler but believes he's innocent. Mark realizes Spindler had opportunity during an operation to steal some of the hair -suspiciously cut and torn- and blood to frame Barry, as there is no other proof for his presence, but why? Ben shows Debbie a Community General surveillance picture proving Jack was there the day of Barry's operation, and guesses he and Spindler conspired to frame Barry. Jessie's trial starts, Ben has Debbie tell the framing theory and indicates she was in the plot too, in order to inherit her sister's fortune and set up Jack to attack Ben; she invokes a New Mexico alibi, yet this actually puts the sleuths back on another trail, which allows Ben a new defense by counter-attack.

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