Mark Sloan
Occupation Doctor
Job title Chief of internal medicine
Portrayer Dick Van Dyke
First Seen TV Movie
Last Seen Without Warning
Appeared 178 + 5 TV Movies (All)

Dr. Mark Sloan , played by Dick Van Dyke, has been in medicine for over 40 years and is chief of internal medicine at Community General Hospital and a consultant to LAPD. Becoming a doctor made him the black sheep of the family as he came from "a long line of cops" with his father was a police detective. He often refers to himself as an amateur sleuth who loves solving mysteries.

Family and personality Edit

Mark has an older sister, Dora, who owns a travel agency. He also has a younger brother, Stacey, who owns a malt shop in Arkansas and has a tendency to sleepwalk.

Mark is a widower, since his wife Katherine died of cancer a little over 10 years ago. With Katherine, he had two children. His son Steve (with whom Mark shares his Malibu Beach House) is lieutenant and police detective for the LAPD. Mark also has an estranged daughter, Carol Sloan Hilton (Stacey Van Dyke), a nurse, who lives in Northern California.

His first home was a small house at Colorado Drive, Los Angeles. Sometime later, he buys a beach house is located at Beach Drive, Malibu.To pay for medical school, Mark served in the Army during the Korean War.

Mark likes jazz and Glenn Miller, enjoys dancing (soft shoe and tap). He can play a number of instruments including the clarinet and keyboards. He is good at chess and can often be found rollerblading when his car breaks down. His party piece is magic tricks.

Dick Van Dyke was one of the 2 actors (next to his son) to appear in all the episodes of the series, during its eight season run on (CBS).


  • Mark's son, Steve and daughter, Carol are both portrayed by Dick's real-life children, Barry and Stacey Van Dyke.