Season 01, Episode 13
Air Date March 4, 1994
Previous Reunion with Murder
Next Guardian Angel

Lily is the thirteenth episode of the first Season which was broadcast for the first time on March 4, 1994.

Summary Edit

A prostitute, who tells Jack of her plans to blackmail her clients, is found dead of an apparent drug overdose. Dr. Sloan interviews her clients to discover the real cause of death.

When Dr Mark Sloan hunts for the murderer of a high-class call girl, he finds himself caught in the middle of a vice raid.

Plot Edit

In Community General Dr. Jack Stewart runs into Sandy Hoyle, who knows from high-school, and sends her for examination to Dr. Mark Sloan; her bruises testify to repeated beatings. When Jack follows her, he finds out she's a call-girl and plans to 'retire' thanks to a tape she can blackmail prominent clients with, the details of which are also kept 'in Lily's head'.

After she does so, Mark who came to check up on her is found bend over her corps by Steve's LAPD colleague Detective Andy Ruggio; although no arrest is made, the headline is enough for the hospital board to 'recommend' him taking a vacation. Snooping in her house with Jack turns up the burned tape and black book, cigar traces and the identity of presumed blackmail victims from her late phone-calls, hot motives, so Mark goes check them out.

First is new age guru brother Charles Simmons, next contractor Michael Davis whose company is about to go public, then rancher politician Joseph Talbot. Trough Sandy's ex-colleague Connie Stockwell, whose over-protective husband Max throws Jack in the pool just for talking to her, he and Amanda find out about 'madam' Elaine in whose brothel Bambi tells Mark about Sandy's mother Lily, or is she not the right trail after all?