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Jesse Travis
Occupation Doctor
Job title Trauma surgeon for Community General Hospital
Owner of BBQ Bob's
Portrayer Charlie Schlatter
First Seen An Innocent Murder
Last Seen Without Warning
Appeared Multiple seasons

Dr. Jesse Travis (Charlie Schlatter) appears as regular character in seasons 3-8. According to it background revealed in the show, he was born in Minnesota. His mother's name is never mentioned, but she was portrayed by Kathleen Noone. She is a podiatrist and owns a family practice in Minnesota. She is always trying to convince Jesse to move back. His father is Dane Travis (Robert Culp), who is a retired CIA spy and tennis professional. His parents are divorced. Charlie Schlatter almost never missed a single episode from the moment he joined the cast in 1995, and was one of the breakout characters. He was absent for only five shows (1 near the end of the fourth season and 4 in the eighth and final season).

When Jesse was little, his father gave him his prized Bourgandi violin. It is appraised at $15,000. Jesse also was given a valuable wristwatch from his father and can be seen wearing it in every episode.After medical school, Jesse became a resident at Community General, where his teacher, Dr. Mark Sloan would inspire him to be a doctor. (Charlie Schlatter was introduced in Season Three of Diagnosis: Murder to replace Scott Baio, who'd left the show.)

He loves salt and puts it on everything. He often helps Mark and Steve with investigations.At about the same time, Jesse and Steve go into business together. They co-own a barbecue restaurant called BBQ Bob's.

Jesse is seen to be dating Susan Hillard.

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