Inheritance of Death
Season 01, Episode 04
Inheritance of Death
Air Date 19 November 1993
Previous Murder at the Telethon
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Inheritance of Death is the forth episode of the first series of the first series of Diagnosis Murder which aired on the 19th of November 1993.

Summary Edit

Retired wine tycoon patient Jonathan Nash, Mark's second cousin and 93 year-old, pledges his entire estate (about $15 million) to Community General hospital, then calls Mark saying that his three adult children are trying to kill him.

Mark arrives only to be hit by his electric wheelchair crashing down the mansion's staircase, and lands in back spasm-traction himself, but tells Steve Jonathan looked dead already. Mark thinks of remote control and hopes to sleuth by remote Jack after briefing him about the family's closet full of 'skeletons' giving each kid a motive, while neither has a solid alibi: Dr. Julian Nash lost his medical license and was denied a private clinic, inventor J. Edison Nash claims his invention made the family fortune but didn't get ample research funds, Judith Nash is still wearing her wedding cloths for Italian lover Giancarlo who left her at the altar bought off by Jonathan, her alibi is hunky Italian hairdresser Dante Reynaldo, but not just that...

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