First Do No Harm
Season 05, Episode 21
Air Date April 16, 1998
Previous Murder at the Finish Line
Next Promises to Keep

First Do No Harm is the twenty-first episode of Diagnosis Murder's fifth season which was first broadcast on April 16, 1998.

Summary Edit

When a 4-year-old girl dies to due to hospital bureaucracy, Jesse and Dr. Mark Sloan take on the system to ensure that it doesn't happen again.


  • Dick Van Dyke as Mark Sloan
  • Victoria Rowell as Amanda Bentley
  • Charlie Schlatter as Jesse Travis
  • Barry Van Dyke as Steve Sloan
  • Kevin McNally as EMT
  • Alan Oppenheimer as Dr. Leonard Gould
  • Jason Schombing as Melvin Pinter
  • Richard Fancy as Harold 'Hal' Lomax
  • Nancy Youngblut as Nurse Nancy Rush
  • Neil Dickson as Dr. Arthur Holbine
  • Davenia McFadden as Betty Pearson
  • Paul Picemi as Judge Kenyon
  • Bianca Rossini as Lena Rizzoli
  • Debra Sharkey as Andrea Turner
  • Kimberly Moss as Thelma
  • Gavin Glennon as Trent Erdman
  • Damara Reilly as HMO Attorney