The Waking Nightmare
Diagnosis Murder Novels, Book 04
Waking Nightmare
Author Lee Goldberg
Publish Date February 1, 2005
Publisher Signet Books
Previous The Silent Partner
Next The Past Tense

Diagnosis Murder: The Waking Nightmare is the forth of the Diagnosis Murder novels which act as TV tie in books for the series.

Synopsis Edit

Suicides haunt the fourth novel in the series. Dr. Sloan has as patients an actress who has beaten cancer several times but who refuses to quit smoking, and a woman who he saw jumping from a fifth-floor window but survived. Both resist Mark's efforts to help them, and he wants to know why.

In addition, his son is investigating the death of a publisher of an extreme-sports magazine, who died from a knife in the chest during a parachute jump.

Full plot Summary Edit

To be added

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