The Shooting Script
Diagnosis Murder Novels, Book 03
Shooting Script
Author Lee Goldberg
Publish Date Reissue edition (Sep 2003)
Publisher Signet Books
Previous The Death Merchant
Next The Waking Nightmare

Diagnosis Murder: The Shooting Script is the third of the Diagnosis Murder novels which act as TV tie in books for the series.

Synopsis Edit

Mark Sloan is trying to relax at his house when he hears gun shots. Immediately responding to the scene, he finds two dead bodies. Investigating further, he discovers that they've been dead longer then just a minute or two. Only once Steve arrives does he find out that this is the producer husband of action star Lacey McClure and an unknown woman. While she points her finger at the mob, Mark isn't so sure. He thinks the killer has the perfect alibi and sets out to break it in spite of the intense media spot light. Meanwhile, there's a new administrator at Community General, and he has set out to stop Mark's murder investigations, targeting Mark's friends. Can Mark solve this murder without ruining not only his career but also the careers of those he cares about?

Full Plot Edit

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