Death Merchant
Diagnosis Murder Novels, Book 02
Death Merchant
Author Lee Goldberg
Publish Date Reissue edition (Sep 2003)
Publisher Signet Books
Previous The Silent Partner
Next The Shooting Script

Diagnosis Murder: The Death Merchant is the second of the Diagnosis Murder novels which act as TV tie in books for the series.

Synopsis Edit

Mark and Steve are enjoying a vacation in Hawaii. Well, Steve is, but Mark is missing his work and solving mysteries. While Steve sight-sees, Mark spends his time helping fellow guests with their minor injuries. In this way, he befriends Danny Royal, a local who just swam through a school of jelly fish. Mark is shocked to see Danny attacked by a shark the next day. But when the body is recovered, Mark suspects that it was really murder. Steve is reluctantly drawn into the investigation. Mark and Steve are surprised to learn that Danny was not who they thought he was. In fact, they don't know who he was. Can they solve this bizarre crime in time to stop the killer from striking again?

Full Summary Edit

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