Death By Extermination
Season 02, Episode 11
Air Date December 2, 1994
Previous The Last Laugh (Part 2)
Next Standing Eight Count

Death By Extermination is the eleventh episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on December 2, 1994.

Plot Edit

Mark's obnoxious sister Dora moves in with him while her new house is fumigated. When her Realtor's dead body is found in the house, Mark is frantic to solve the murder so Dora can move into her new house.

Summary Edit

As soon as she arrives in L.A., Mark remembers why he was happy not to see his sister Dora for years: she bosses him and everybody around like dogs and commandeers his bed while she stays in the beach-house till her new villa is fumigated against termites. Steve needed no reminder to keep clear, but that becomes impossible when her Realtor Harvey Wardell's corpse falls out of the closet, poisoned even before he inhaled a lethal dose. While Dora 'appoints' Genevieve Ducasse Harvey's successor, Steve locks them out of the murder-site and learns Harvey's secretary Lena Prosser is a gold-digger who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him, with exclusive access to his coffee, perfect to poison him, but anyone could have poisoned the spill-free mug in his convertible. Looking for Harvey's appointment book, Steve learns his young widow Constance Wardell isn't grieving for her philandering husband, but is already enjoying her freedom with a hunky personal trainer. Even Dora's nitpicking proves useful. Pharmacist Larry Macklin and wife bought a house from Wendell, on ground which collapsed and destroyed their new home, and a pharmacist would have access to the lethal drug.