Deadly Games
Season 05, Episode 04
Air Date October 9, 1997
Previous Malibu Fire
Next Slam-Dunk Dead

Deadly Games is the fourth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fifth season which was broadcast on October 9, 1997.


When Victoria Larkin is severely injured, she is placed in the same security wing as Bentley Crocker, who has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from stock investors. Sloan suspects that ex-Internal Affairs officer Frank Waldeck organized the attack to kill Crocker.

Summary Edit

Former cop turned bodyguard Frank Waldeck arranges a murder attempt on his filthy rich employer Victoria Larkin and himself for which he frames a mentally instable fan of hers who he has 'commit suicide'. When she's committed to Community General, reason for an impractically strict security regime, Dr. Sloane soon smells a rat and suspects Frank Waldeck, especially when the richest stock criminal is also brought in, but Waldeck traps Sloan in a Go game and conversation of ever-changing threats. Who is the intended next victim and how can it be saved?