Comedy is Murder
Season 04, Episode 25
Air Date May 8, 1997
Previous The Merry Widow Murder
Next The Murder of Mark Sloan

Comedy is Murder is the twenty fifth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on May 8, 1997.

Plot Edit

A bungling comedian seeks revenge on his former partner when he's cheated out of millions.

Summary Edit

Tim Conrad, the clumsy half of a once legendary TV comedy duo, fails to kill his ex-partner Harvey Huckaby, still affluent and the second husband of Tim's ex Susan Huckaby, who cleverly bought Tim's half of the TV rights just before a movie was going to be made about them, first because Tim drops his sniper gun and secondly because Susan put the glasses on a trey after he poisoned one -drank it himself, but is saved in Community General- and gets noticed as fake pool-boy -using a trademark disguise- trying to rig Harvey's pool-cover, and gets the shock of his life: Harvey lives, the pool-cover has killed Susan because of a timer Tim ignored. Mark believes Tim is innocent of the only assassination that happened despite his murderous intentions, but has a hard time proving the bumbler's innocence and finding the real and sneaky killer...