Amanda Bentley
Amanda Bentley
Occupation Doctor
Job title Medical examiner/pathologist for Community General Hospital
Portrayer Victoria Rowell
First Seen TV Movie
Last Seen Without Warning
Appeared Multiple Seasons

Amanda Bentley(Victoria Rowell) is a medical examiner/pathologist at Community General Hospital . She appears in seasons 1-8 However, in the first three TV Movies (Diagnosis of Murder, The House on Sycamore Street and A Twist of the Knife), Amanda is played by Cynthia Gibb. Victoria Rowell appeared in all the episodes of the series, with the exception of 11 (both sporadically and during the last season) on (CBS).

Dr. Amanda Bentley is Dr. Mark Sloan's faithful woman and beautiful medical partner, specializing in pathology. It is revealed in the series that the character of Amanda is an orphan (just as Victoria Rowell is), taken to an orphanage when she was younger and soon adopted. Her adopted father was an owner of a yacht, and his sailors were always good friends with the family. When she was six, Amanda took up ballet. She stopped dancing for medical school, but returns to it at the end of season eight. She once fainted during medical school at the sight of her first corpse. She is constantly kidded about it in the first two seasons. It was revealed in season 1 that she was considering changing her speciality.

At one point during the show Amanda's character is married once to Mr. Colin Livingston, a military man. In later episodes it is made clear that she is separated from Colin, however whether this is the result of his death in a plane crash or a divorce varies from one episode to the next.

Amanda's character has a child from her marriage with Colin, her son, C.J. (Colin Jesse). C.J. was delivered by the character of Jesse and Mark is chosen to be his godfather. Later in the series, she adopts another boy, named Deon, from his abusive parents.