All-American Murder
Season 03, Episode 03
Air Date December 22, 1995
Previous Witness to Murder
Next Murder in the Courthouse

All-American Murder is the third episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on December 22, 1995.

Plot Edit

The murder of a beautiful woman around a marine encampment raises suspicions. Dr. Sloan discovers more to her than meets the eye.

Summary Edit

While his blind beach-house neighbor Leo Pepper sees Vicki Fox just as a foxy jogger, Mark notices she seems to feel unsafe. Shortly after, Vicki makes an appointment to talk to Mark, but never shows up. The next morning she's found dead on the beach, Jesse -who has trouble storing his own surfboard without Norman reprimanding him- remarks the water was too flat for her head wound to be from a surfing accident. Eventually the autopsy confirms she didn't drown at all and that a flat rock was the murder weapon. But the autopsy also reveals that Vicki was hiding a bombshell of a secret, concerning her gender identity, which could have provided a motive for murder for one of the Marines located at a nearby base.