A Very Fatal Funeral
Season 02, Episode 02
Air Date September 23, 1994
Previous Many Happy Returns
Next Woman Trouble

A Very Fatal Funeral is the second episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on September 23, 1994.

Plot Edit

The chairman of the Malone Foundation accuses his board members (including Norman Briggs) of embezzling, and then falls dead from poisoning. As the board members are investigated, they are killed off one by one.

Summary Edit

Chairman Elton Malone drops dead from the fast poison on an envelope he licks claiming it contains proof which other board member embezzled $300,000 from his charitable foundation, but it was a literally empty threat. Besides Community General administrator Norman Briggs, who seats on account of its free clinic funding, the board members -now murder suspects- are Mort Slater, Christine Shaw whose husband Charles is running for Congress and dodgy art investment broker Alexander Damon. The Sloanes look into Damon's faltering business, but he drops dead at Malone's funeral from a curare air-gun dart shot, and wasn't the thief. Amanda joins the Shaw election campaign and finds her financing fishy, but she drops dead at Damon's funeral and Charles redraws his candidature. Norman, whose job is now very precarious, believes Slater must be the killer, as his brewery is rumored in trouble; Jack knows Mort and goes snooping just when Steve does, and finds out he planned a torch job. Mark also turns his attention to the Malone foundation minutes secretary Jennifer Sweeney who attended all funerals and fainted at Damon's. Slater did embezzle to pay the arsonist, but dies from curare at the Shaw funeral.