A Passion for Murder
Season 04, Episode 20
Air Date April 3, 1997
Previous Delusions of Murder
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A Passion for Murder is the twentyth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on April 3, 1997.

Plot Edit

An aggressive female pharmaceuticals representative stalks the hospital's new chief of staff after a one-night-stand, hoping to break up his marriage and have him all for herself.

Summary Edit

When her separated lover and predecessor as local rep, David 'Dave' Chambers, who just got promoted to regional sales director for Benchmark Pharmaceuticals, intends to announce their engagement, Stephanie Hitcher pushes him in front of a car. He is successfully operated by Jessie. Stephanie quickly seduces Community General's man in charge of purchases, married Dr. Tod Grimes, and turns to getting rid of Dave in the firm and Tod's wife Kim although he doesn't want a divorce. When Kim is shot dead, Tod tells the Sloan sleuths that Stephanie must have killed her rival, when suspended loses his patience, resigns, attacks the shrew and is fired and arrested. Dave's odd lab results get Mark thinking, but meanwhile...

Cast Edit