A Candidate for Murder
Season 04, Episode 10
Air Date November 14, 1996
Previous Murder by the Busload
Next The ABC's of Murder

A Candidate for Murder is the tenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on November 14, 1996.

Plot Edit

His scheming advisor covers up the accidental death of the drug-addicted daughter of a U.S. Senator. Dr. Sloan and Amanda investigate.

Summary Edit

U.S. Senator Terrence Bell's daughter Melanie Bell collapses after being thrown out an electoral dinner where she threw a scene. Her boy-friend Ryan Breedlove rushes her to Mark's ER, it's just a drug dose. Melanie is taken away by the senator's men, including a private physician, and accidentally falls to her apparent death on a coffee-table while arguing with dad, who is up for reelection in mere months, blaming him for her ma's suicide. Political aid Peter Trent stops the Senator from calling the police and sees to it that the girl's corpse is found OD'd in Ryan's apartment. The sleuths soon find Melanie died from a blow, not drugs, and investigate everyone and everywhere.